Certifications and Quality Awards

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Certifications and Quality Awards

The concept of Quality is for us an intrinsic value linked to the maximum satisfaction of our customers, that mainly operate in the International Automotive, Lighting, and Industrial markets.

Because of this, M.A.E. Elettronica realizes a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norms.

The company provides all the sources and tools necessary for the realization of this Quality Management System, that is constantly monitored and periodically evaluated, measuring the achievement of the predetermined goals for the controlled processes.

We operate guaranteeing the maximum attention to the requests and expectations of all our customers, to the requirements of the norms and applied guidelines and to the constant improvement of the organization and its partners.

M.A.E. Elettronica works every day to pursue Quality as a global value, in each stage of the process, through the virtuous involvement of each member of the organization to achieve common goals. The Company Management periodically verifies that this policy is appropriate for the purposes and the context, implemented and shared at every level by setting goals of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

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