Process and product traceability


Process and product traceability

The process and product traceability is monitored through two different software, one has the task of registering each individual processing component, while the other traces each processing phase of the same product advancing it only in case of a positive outcome (in the cases of pass/fail).

The traceability form developed by M.A.E. Elettronica allows the association of the machine setup to the produced card. In practical terms, this means that a specific setup will be associated with each individual card. It will be possible to monitor all the cards associated with the setup of each roll through the appropriate software

As for the process traceability, it is a true 360° monitoring of the production process, through an ad hoc program we register every production phase, from the SMT assembly to the packaging in order to trace the route taken by each individual product. Each phase cannot be advanced until the previous phase has not been completed.

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