SMT Department


SMT Department

SMT production lines are the core of the business of M.A.E. Elettronica that over the years has heavily invested in the department providing some of the most modern equipment in the market.

The Designers Team of M.A.E. Elettronica follows customer needs throughout the whole development phase, providing the most advanced modelling and simulation tools. If required, the whole phase complies with ISO26262 and ISO/TS16949 standards.

The assembly lines are capable of assembling components such as micro BGA, 0201 components (imperial), ultra-fine pitch, LGA, QFN and versatile for mounting on different types of substrate.
Each phase of the SMT welding process is monitored and validated through control equipment, by the Solder Paste Inspection that verifies the correct deposit of the solder paste to the 3D Automatic Optical Inspection that guarantees the quality of the welds and the correct positioning of the components.
The rework of BGA and microBGA can be performed by the rework stations located at the end of the SMT process.

The SMT department also offers a material storage system in automatic warehouses, with controlled temperature and humidity.


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